The way into the forest should be glorious. And it shall. Kona's Trail platform offers beautiful bikes with a long, trail-tested history, high quality craftsmanship, and a decidedly performance savvy ride.
Whether it's short-track lung busters or multi-stage races across nasty mountain ranges, our XC Race bikes have been bred to not only get our Factory Team to the podium, but you as well.
Built to churn burl into butter, Kona's line of Dawgs and all-new Cadabras use every ounce of technology available to make the interface between wild cyclist and wild country a seamless endeavor.
A complete line of real mountain bikes that lets kids fall in love with riding the old-fashioned way… going faster than their parents.
Climb, huck, chuck, rail and tech, it's all here, and thanks to the longest freeride legacy in mountain biking, it's all good.
Rulers of the roost. No word of a lie. Kona has the most diverse line-up of dedicated Dirt Jump and Slopestyle bikes in the industry, each one savagely scrutinized by the Clump, the most talented freeride team in the world.
With adjustable BB height, geometry and ride characteristics, these are the lightest, fastest, most customizable Stabs we've ever built.
From gravel commuter paths to potholed city streets, World Cup courses to amateur race weekends, our line of Jake CX bikes-including the all-new singlespeed Major One, are the cherry red candy of the cycling world.
Since diversity is the spice of life, Kona's 2010 road offering ranges from around-the-world flights of fancy to time trial speedsters; classy steel road classics to affordable, wicked quick aluminum burners.
Haul your groceries on the Ute, speed to a meeting on one of 10 different Dews, burn to a party on a Paddy Wagon, get the job done on a Smoke, or cruise the beach on a Humu. At Kona, we offer the most diverse line of asphalt bikes of any cycling company in the world.
Great fit, sleek feel, speed and movement when and where you need it. Road, mountain, triathlon, whatever, wherever. Kona women's bikes, defined by us: our strengths, our parameters, our voice.
Feel the speed, rollability, suspension, and added traction of the big wheels. From singlespeed hardtails to full suspension monster trucks, Kona 29ers are the real deal.
The Kona Frame Shop. For all you custom, do-it-yourself, bling-o-matic bike freaks out there, check out our jewel rack of exclusive Kona frames.