2010 29er

Barry Wicks and Ryan Trebon ride our 29er mountain bikes no matter where they go. From short track speedsters to seven stager slogfests, the Twin Twimbers ride it all on Scandium 29 Kahuna's and Hei Hei's. Podium finishes like Wicks' 2nd in men's pairs and Trebon's first in open mixed at the 2009 BC Bike Race, or supermega epic singlespeed crusher Kevin Noble's ten successful runs of Oregon's Cascade Creampuff 100, done on a Kona Unit, tell us that we're on the right trail. Feel the speed, rollability, suspension, and added traction of the big wheels. There, can't say we didn't tell ya. From singlespeed hardtails to full suspension monster trucks, Kona 29ers are the real deal.