2010 frameshop

Kona is constantly evaluating and adjusting our frame designs as rider demands and technology change. However, rather than re-inventing our designs every season based on the latest trend; rather than making our older models obsolete by re-inventing the wheel every year, we choose to fine-tune our proven designs.

For instance, while the sloping top tube mountain bike design that we pioneered 18 years ago has been largely imitated, we have continued to improve function with significant and subtle refinements. Even the first Kona road bikes we made for ourselves in 1990 used a sloping top tube and straight forks—design innovations now ubiquitous in the pro peloton.

Rather than rush into dual suspension by buying someone else’s design, we took two years to design, develop and test prototype after prototype until we settled on the Kona 4-bar walking beam system in 1996, now the standard for dual suspension design. We did the same when developing our Magic Link technology, which, since it’s release in 2008, is quietly revolutionizing the ride capabilities of all-mountain/enduro bikes.

We’ re proud to say that Kona is an independent and rider oriented company that strongly believes in doing things our own way. We don’t innovate for innovation sake. We do it only when we’re absolutely positive it’s going to make a profound improvement in the ride performance of our bicycles.